The Saint's name is misspelled on the stone--Neuman, while it should be Neumann. His name is also misspelled on the walls of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome--Newman.
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Here at St. Peter's Church Saint John Neumann was buried in 1860. He was buried in the floor of the basement of a spacious baroque church that was built in 1843. From the day of his funeral to this day, people have come to honor this saint and to pray to him. So the Parish of Saint Peter's has always been the host, so to speak, of devotion to Saint John Neumann. Here is a picture of the church at the corner of Fifth Street and Girard Avenue. The wires and the traffic make clear that this is no unearthly castle. It is a real parish in a real city, welcoming people who pray to a saint who remains an active member of this Philadelphia, this Archdiocese, this Parish. The Saint is still in the basement, though now it is a lower church. The slab that lay over his tomb still rests in the floor. His body, however, lies beneath the main altar. People still feel close to him. They come right up and press their hands against the glass of the altar.