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Swedish Massage · Deep Tissue/Deep Muscle Massage · Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy
Sports Massage · Reiki · Chair (or Event) Massage · Shiatsu · Pregnancy Massage

A therapeutic massage consisting of continuous effleurage strokes, deep kneading and stretching to tight muscles, lasting anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. Usually uses oils or lotions. It is the technique upon which most other styles of massage therapy are based. Benefits: Reduces stress levels, stretches and tones muscles, helps the body to maintain homeostasis.

Generally slower than Swedish, this technique goes deeper into the muscle and connective tissue to release chronic tension which might have developed from injury or overuse. Deep tissue techniques are as varied as their practitioner.

A refined treatment using specific cross-tissue movements to aid in the restoration of damaged muscles and soft tissue in the entire body. Because of its benefits to all of the body's soft tissue, it may be described as the most comprehensive form of corrective bodywork available today. Benefits: Corrects injured muscles and soft tissue on a cellular level and breaks up all adhesions and restrictions. There are over 50 conditions that Pfrimmer can be applied to.

A technique used to keep athletes conditioned before their activity and to help loosen and stretch the muscles after their activity. It consists of deep effleurage and petrissage to the muscles which when done before an activity, the athlete can gain 20% in performance (Jack Meagher, 1980) Benefits: Regular sports massage can help speed recovery, lower stress, promote greater endurance and flexibility, prevent injuries, and enhance body awareness.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life force; the force or energy that flows through every living thing. This 2500 year old technique involves the laying on of the practitioner's hands along strategic "energy doors" or "chakras" in the body, accelerating healing by promoting the relaxation response.

Chair Massage (or Event Massage) is administered in a specially designed chair to clients while fully clothed. Created for the workplace and for large events, it focuses on head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands. It is perfect for groups to take individual 15 minute Breaks.

A Japanese massage meaning "finger pressure", Shiatsu is both a form of physical manipulation and a means toward the growth of body, mind and spirit. Many of the techniques are applied to the same system of energy channels or "meridians" as used in acupuncture, although in Shiatsu each channel is felt to cover a greater area of the body. Benefits: Allows your mind, body and spirit to come into greater harmony so that you can look, feel, and be healthier.

Prenatal, labor and postpartum massage techniques are useful in helping to relieve soreness in the back, neck and shoulders; reduce stretch marks & swelling; reduce pain and labor time; improve recovery time and reduce connective tissue damage after birth.

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